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May 2015 Middle Plaza Open House

What We Shared

As part of our ongoing commitment to the Menlo Park community, Stanford University hosted a Middle Plaza Open House to solicit the community’s opinions on what the public would like to see – or not see – at a new public plaza at 500 El Camino Real. You’ll find the materials from the open house below. We encourage you to take a look and share your thoughts and opinions by emailing us at info@middleplaza.org. Thank you for your interest!


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Welcome to Stanford’s Middle Plaza at 500 El Camino Real Community Open House. Thank you for helping shape plans for a new public plaza in Menlo Park. We encourage you to share your feedback about the plaza’s potential features. Send your thoughts and questions to info@middleplaza.org.


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The future Middle Plaza could include a public plaza featuring programs and activities designed for the community’s benefit and enjoyment.


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The future Middle Plaza could include a variety of retail, including restaurants, exercise studios, coffee shops or boutiques, that meets this community’s needs.


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The future Middle Plaza could provide a variety of landscapes for the community’s benefit and enjoyment, with features that could include park benches, a variety of plants and trees, trellises and shade.


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The future Middle Plaza will be accessed in many different ways and will include amenities that make it easy to ride a bicycle, walk or drive.