We Need Your Help!

We are going to the Menlo Park City Council and Planning Commission for what we hope will be the final approval on the Middle Plaza Project. Please sign your name to send a letter in support. If you have any questions please email us directly at info@middleplaza.org.


    Dear City Council/ Planning Commission,

    I am writing to you today in support of the Middle Plaza Project at 500 El Camino Real.

    For the last two years Stanford has held numerous community meetings and open houses in an effort to hear what Menlo Park residents want to see on the site. Since receiving this feedback, the project plans have been significantly modified to better suit the needs of Menlo Park’s citizens and moreover have remained 100 percent compliant with the City’s approved zoning for the site. Stanford has created more open space for families and friends to spend time, reduced office space with the elimination of medical office use, and improved the project’s architecture.  The redesigned project also offers many transportation demand management strategies and other transportation contributions to help relieve any congestion due to its residents and visitors.   

    In addition, Stanford has voluntarily offered a robust community benefits package that includes:

    • $5 million dollars toward a pedestrian and bicycle rail crossing at Middle Avenue
    • $1 million dollars to the Menlo Park-Atherton Education Foundation
    • 10 below-market-rate housing units
    I urge the Menlo Park City Council and Planning Commission to support the Middle Plaza project in its proposed form. It is the right step toward improving these vacant parcels and revitalizing our downtown.

    Thank you.