Stanford’s Middle Plaza Project is located at 500 El Camino Real. Serving as a gateway to Menlo Park, the site runs between El Camino Real and the railway from the Stanford Park Hotel to the Big 5 store. Formerly home to car dealerships, the site is currently vacant and underutilized.

Stanford is working with the city and community to determine how to best use the property in a manner consistent with the city’s planning codes and the El Camino Real Downtown Specific Plan.


Based on feedback from the community, Stanford is redesigning the development proposal submitted to the city. Stanford hopes to bring forward new plans shortly that will reduce office use and increase the proposed number of residential units. From a design perspective, Stanford is moving to designs more consistent with Menlo Park’s village character. And perhaps most importantly, the proposed public plaza, Middle Plaza, is being relocated and enlarged to make it a vital community gathering spot for the benefit of all who live in, work or visit the area.